Defy expectations daily

You need to know two things about me: I love football—specifically, love playing linebacker for the Seattle Seahawks’ dominating defense. And I love breaking barriers. Want to know more? Click around to see the things that inspire me, excite me and move me on all fields of play.

I owe everything to my family

My whole life, my family has been there, pushing me to live beyond limits.

Without their support, I wouldn’t have finished high school, graduated from college or fully understood the importance of knowing someone always had my back. And because of their influence, I give back. Always. From the younger players I mentor to friends and family I encourage to unleash the superhero inside them.

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Making a Difference

Our greatest purpose in life is to help others. When I do so, I’m blessed. I’ve worked with the Nature Project, built houses with the Sawhorse Revolution and am currently helping building a well in Kenya with Healing Hands International. Why? Because doing good for others is doing good for yourself.

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Healing Hands International

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